Food and Drink

The Scene at Clara’s

Catch March Madness & make sure to order the wings.

Café Gentrificatión

The Rolo’s people take over the Acre. Of course, the chips and guac are $16.

The Bushwick Martini Scene

Seven local, inventive martinis worth your $20.

Vegan Trouble

Two meatless spots on Knickerbocker closed their doors, but Seitan’s Helper say they're not going anywhere

Cocktails Are Magique

The hipster houdinis take over a local bar spot with some drinks up their sleeve. Could do with more of those.

Ornithology’s Got A Brand New Café

A bit of jazz meets a bit of Bushwick-grunge charm, at the former home of the vegan cafe Brooklyn Whiskers.

The Barmen Are Wandering.

Huge batches of libations, siphoned through a tap straight into a glass.

Here, They Bike ‘Til Death’

A new cafe on Myrtle Avenue welcomes the biker crowd.

Dromedary Has A Brand New Bar, And A Doughnut Shop

Local Tiki enthusiast says he isn't closing the doors on Dromedary just yet, either.

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