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Bushwick Street Fashion: The Cute Guys Edition

Would you like to meet a cute guy in Bushwick? So just go out

Would you like to meet a cute guy in Bushwick? So just go out... Because cute guys are everywhere; of any age, of any type, doing all sorts of activities. So, you'll definitely find your match :) Here are six cute guys we encountered in Bushwick streets.

#1 Sexy Dog Walker

Are you too lazy to walk your dog? Think twice! You might encounter this very cute guy while he's walking his (also very cute) dog (we don't have a picture of the dog as we were too distracted, ehm...). 

#2 Hot Work Out Boy

He works out in Maria Hernandez Park, which means you don't have to have a gym membership, actually you don't even have to exercise to have this excellent view...

#3 & 4 Cute Beer Drinkers

This is easy breezy. Just grab a beer and relax. The cute guys are in the same bar (in this case it's Mazelle).

#5 Cute Skateboarder in His 20s

We almost did a cute skateboarders' edition.  Maybe next time when we meet more cute guys like Denny. He is 26 and he's been skating for 13 years, wow!

#6 Cute Teen Skateboarder 

Clark is only 16, and he's been skating for 1 year and yes, he has Superman's name. But for now he is our cute guy #6.

So, who is you favorite?

To be honest, we really enjoyed shooting this cute guys edition [*blush*]. Please, let us know in the comments which one of the guys you like the best, and also  if you want to see more of cute guys. Oh also, what's your favorite opening line when you see a cute guy like these folks?

My answers are:

1. Sexy Dog Walker

2. Yes, please. More post of cute guys!

3. Your place or my place?


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