Would you like to meet a cute guy in Bushwick? So just go out… Because cute guys are everywhere; of any age, of any type, doing all sorts of activities. So, you’ll definitely find your match ūüôā Here are six cute guys we¬†encountered¬†in Bushwick streets.

#1 Sexy Dog Walker

Are you too lazy to walk your dog? Think twice! You¬†might encounter this very cute guy while he’s walking his (also very cute) dog (we don’t have a picture of the dog as we were too distracted, ehm…).¬†

#2 Hot Work Out Boy

He works out in Maria Hernandez Park, which means you don’t have to have a gym membership, actually you don’t even have to exercise to have this excellent view…

#3 & 4 Cute Beer Drinkers

This is easy breezy. Just grab a beer and relax. The cute guys are in the same bar (in this case it’s Mazelle).

#5 Cute Skateboarder in His 20s

We almost did a cute skateboarders’ edition. ¬†Maybe next time when we meet more cute guys like¬†Denny. He is 26 and he’s been skating for 13 years, wow!

#6 Cute Teen Skateboarder 

Clark is only 16, and he’s been skating for 1 year and yes, he has Superman’s name. But for now he is our cute guy #6.

So, who is you favorite?

To be honest, we really enjoyed shooting this cute guys edition [*blush*]. Please, let us know in the comments which one of the guys you like the best, and also ¬†if you want to see more of cute guys. Oh also, what’s your favorite opening line when you see a cute guy like these folks?

My answers are:

1. Sexy Dog Walker

2. Yes, please. More post of cute guys!

3. Your place or my place?