North Shore of Oahu (All photos © Alexandra Uzik)

I traveled the world in search of happiness, peace and love only to find out that I’ve always carried it within me; it has always been hidden somewhere deep inside of me. I lived in NYC for almost two years roaming Bushwick galleries and nightlife fulfilling one of my biggest dreams. I loved every minute of it–yes, even on rainy days–but the city didn’t bring me happiness. I moved to the most beautiful paradise I could think of, Hawaii, and guess what? I was happy! For about seven minutes… Shortly afterwards, my sorrows came back to the light once again.

It was then when I realized, with a little help of my spiritual guide/friend Katarina, that it’s not the place but it is me and only me who can make me happy. Yet this gorgeous island Oahu never gave up showing me its beauty and that’s why I would love to show my appreciation for it and spread the Aloha around the world with this happy post.

North Shore of Oahu: Where the famous surfers live

OMG, how much I love this part of the island! Its beautiful countryside, legendary surf spots, hot surfers and surf photographers, like me (wink), is a place where pro surfing competitions are held on a regular. No wonder, it is also a home to super cool and laid back surfer and singer Jack Johnson as well as the one and only, 11 times ASP world champion, Kelly Slater. Am I talking too much surfing? Well, that is what the North Shore is all about.

Here you can surf Pipeline, one of the most dangerous waves in the world; watch the sunset at Sunset Beach; get some super healthy organic food at farmers market in Waimea; ride on a horse along the beach or check out art galleries. Almost like Bushwick, except…

Haleiwa: The coffe shop, yoga and tchotchke

When I first visited Haleiwa town, I was still on New York mode, which means I was frantically looking for a coffee shop. I found one–I mean the only one.  Coffee Gallery offers awesome and delicious coffee, cookies, cakes, and free wi-fi. Guess what, at Coffee Gallery, you can bring and toast your own bread.  How cool is that, right?

In Haleiwa you can also find many surfing rentals, as well as art galleries showing mostly local artists. If you’re looking for cool places to grab something to eat, drink or get the very famous shaved ice, Haleiwa is the place to be. Check out also  Noelani Studios run by Noelani Love, which, I swear, is the coolest yoga studio and boutique you will ever go to! If you don’t know what I mean by Hawaiian vibes, please check out this video.  At Noelani Studios you can also buy artwork from local artists; like jewelry, clothes, cosmetic products and super cool iPhone cases by Christie Shinn.

Kailua: Where Obama spends his winters

Kailua is a place where Barack Obama comes with his family to rejuvenate his soul during the winter time. I can’t tell you how much I like Kailua. It’s surrounded with mountains on one side and with ocean on the other. You can walk on silky sand at Lanikai Beach, go for a hike or have psychic reading done by famous psychic and author, Jennifer O’Neill.  Check out a book by Jennifer O’Neill, Universal Laws where she in detail describes how the 18 universal laws really work. I had a privilege to interview her for one of my upcoming articles, and I must say she is a very inspiring person (although, I admit, I was bit nervous. She is a telepath after all!)

Well, if you’re sick of New York, come to Hawaii, and remember: Aloha!