A Couple of Cute Hand-Made Picks from Better Than Jam

All the cute and hand-made stuff calls Better Than Jam its home. This lovely boutique located at The Loom in Bushwick has been around for a couple of years now bringing together a community of local designers, crafters and artists. If your eyes are hungry for cuteness, Better Than Jam is you destination! I stopped by on a whim to say hello to Karin Persan who runs the store and see what’s new. 

Behind the curtain Karin was screen-printing beautiful labels for new Better Than Jam line of arts and crafts supplies: “I want each product to have this kind of look,” said lovingly perfectionist Karin.




At Better Than Jam you can find eclectic mix of clothes, accessories, cute little objects and now also arts and craft supplies. Here is a couple of eye candies for you…








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