All photos by Alexandra Uzik

2AM and I was already awake. That’s what happens when you’re jet-lagged from a trip to Hong Kong. As I was bemoaning the 12-hour time difference, I brainstormed how I could take advantage of the situation and came up with this great idea: sunrise at the Rockaways! I have always felt a fondness for beach life and surfing in my heart but getting up super-early has never really been my thing. However, now with the “help” of jetlag I could experience the unforgettable process of the colors changing as the sun was rising. Also, I got a bonus – I saw whales splashing their tales on the water and making fountains!!!

While you might think that going to the beach might just be a summer treat for surfers, the season is high right now. “The best season for surfing in NYC is during the fall months (September- November) in terms of wave quality. Also, the water is still relatively warm and doesn’t start to cool off until mid-late October,” explained Michael Kololyan from Locals Surf School located at Beach 67th St. As a surf school they operate all year round so if you were considering to learn how to surf, maybe now is the time!

Are you still unsure about Rockaways in the fall? Well, maybe these photos will convince you otherwise. Enjoy…