“Untitled” by Veng RWK (photo by courtesy of The Bushwick Collective)

The Bushwick Collective was very busy last week, and our fave Veng RWK was among the number of awesome street artists who completed new murals in the streets of Bushwick. Untitled was finished only yesterday. Street Art Candy is a our Monday column dedicated to exploration of street art in Bushwick. Every week we feature one amazing mural that we’ve been passing by and loving.

Who: Veng RWK

What: Untitled

Where: The Bushwick Collective (At Flushing Ave between Wyckoff and Scott Aves)

When: November 2013

Artist says: “This mural is what I used to paint a few years back. It was just to have fun and be a little nostalgic.”

From: Staten Island, NY

Recent Work: “Most of my recent work has been all studio work. Oils on panels. Working on a few commissions and starting to prepare for a show next year here in NY.”

Online: “As of right now my Instagram shows daily photos of life in and out of the studio.”

We enjoyed this Square Face detour this into Veng’s past located on Flushing and Wyckoff. If you’re familiar with Veng, you noticed the symbol of bird prevailing in this work in the past months as opposed to faces.”I enjoy birds due to each species individual beauty and unique traits. For this reason it’s almost like individual portraits, I probably will never paint enough birds to grow tired of painting them,” Veng explained, finding a connection between birds and faces after all.