Don’t Miss Exponential Festival’s Return to Bushwick in 2020

Savannah Camastro

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Exponential Festival, a month-long and multi-venue performing arts festival based in Brooklyn, just announced its venue roster for their 2020 run. Among the nine venues, Bushwick’s Honey’s and Chez Bushwick will be hosting performances in January. 

On its fifth year, Exponential focuses on providing space and resources for New York performance artists. Performances vary from musicals to stand-up comedy, and take place at venues all over Brooklyn. 

“Our only requirements are excellence and that artists must be New York City-based,” Cameron Stuart, Exponential administrator and curator told Bushwick Daily.

Exponential Festival operates as a way for artists to connect and build a network in the performing arts community. “Brooklyn has a really strong self-producing vibe,” Stuart said, which is why all of the venues will be held in the borough. Stuart is also co-founder of The Glove, a DIY Bushwick venue that closed earlier last week, which in the past was a mainstage for performers during the festival. 

Exponential Festival’s poster from 2019.

“I think Honey’s is going to be a great place for more raw performances, which is the kind of performance we had at The Glove,” Stuart said. 

The roster of artists for the festival is built by the curatorial team, who hand picks the performers from an open call that is held every year. The line-up will be announced next week. This year, Exponential will also have a fellow performer, who was chosen to make a piece exclusively for the festival. 

Because Exponential is a non-profit organization, they operate solely on donations. Next month, they will hold a fundraiser which will be announced on their website. 

“Because we’re not producing the artists, we try to provide free press representation, video recording, and a box office split for all the artists,” he said.

To stay updated on show times, ticket prices, and who will be performing, check out Exponential’s website or follow them on Instagram.

Images courtesy of Exponential Festival.

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