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The Living Installation is wrapping up August with yet another performance, Gremlins and Critters. This month’s performance, which takes place on Saturday, Aug. 24,  focuses on music and sound, and will feature DJ and longtime friend of the Living Installation, Tim “Love” Lee. 

Performance artist and founder of the Living Installation, Michael Alan, is a Bushwick native fostering the old-school NYC art scene. Alongside artistic partner Jada Cat, they will be using a mix of materials from paint to video projection to create an immersive experience for both their live and online audiences.

The Living Installation: Image courtesy of Michael Alan.

Alan and Jada Cat will transform their bodies into part of the artwork over the course of the duration of the 4-hour performance. Lee will also be transformed into an installation character while providing “improvisational music as another layer to the immersive experience,” Alan told Bushwick Daily. 

“Tim is an ongoing partner in the music for The Living Installation music we’ve been making as friends for many years,” Alan explained. Tim “Love” Lee is an English musician, producer, and founder of Tummy Touch Records. He also DJs for MoMA PS1’s Warm Up series, a music program that “seeks to elevate innovative, underrepresented voices and connect fans with music’s most important artists,” as stated on their website. 

Tim “Love” Lee in his studio. Courtesy of Tim “Love” Lee.

The theme for this month is Gremlins and Critters, and  is devoted to Alan’s father, who passed away earlier this summer. “I see my drawings, paintings, and live shows as gremlins that ate after dark in NYC. Critters and creatures that could cause harm or just be silly, like the ones I watched with my dad when I was a kid,” Alan explained. 

Through the Living Installation, Alan and Jada Cat always strive to keep art fun, spontaneous, and exciting. “The message is about having fun, being wacky, metamorphosis, accepting change, laughing, exploding, and exploring,” they told Bushwick Daily. 

Gremlins and Critters will take place on August 24 from 8pm-12am in Alan’s private studio. Tickets can be purchased on the Living Installation’s website. If you’re not able to make it, you can also live stream the performance. For more information, you can follow Alan on Instagram.

Cover image courtesy of The Living Installation.

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