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With the rise of all things magical and mystical, it’s no surprise that places like The End have exploded in popularity. In the realm of Instagrammable and trendy food and drinks spots, The End can probably finds itself at the top of the list for its unmatched drink innovations and photogenic, edible creations. As co-owner Bret Caretsky puts it,  “it’s a place where people can be in the moment and share the imagination of childlike wonder.”

After initially opening in December 2016, The popularity of the cafe skyrocketed. This was in part due to the crowd favorite, the Unicorn latte. Although the cafe found success, The End owners Caretsky and Madeline Murphy were forced to close their doors due to city construction. However, The End is back fully functioning and ready to serve up drinks straight out of a fairy tale. 

The End is a hodgepodge of whimsical and fantastical in food and drink form. It has a full blown plant alchemy bar where the use of superfoods, herbs, roots and spices from traditional cultures gives a naturally energizing boost to all their non-coffee drinks. 

For example, the Unicorn latte is the coffee-free beverage concoction that put The End on the map. It is made with blue algae and topped with an array of colorful garnishes. According The End’s official website, “These diverse, clean and plant-based potions were created to help awaken your senses, elevate your mind and enhance your greatest superpower: your intuition.” However if magic in a cup isn’t your ideal pick-me-up, then you can still score a solid cup of something a little more familiar. 

Along with established beverages like the Unicorn Latte and The Merbabe, they are introducing a slew of new menu offerings. “A lot of our new menu items will focus on the context of astrology, but also incorporating some practices from ancient traditional cultures,” said Caretsky. If you’re a Leo, enjoy 20 percent off their seasonal Leo latte.

The End joins the list of Astro-Influenced establishments in the area like Mood Ring, an Astrology themed bar in Bushwick.

This isn’t the first food and drink venture for Caretsky and Murphy. Both are co-owners of Montauk Juice Factory and take the health and happiness of their customers seriously. With every business decision they make, they have their customer’s benefit first. After all, their entrepreneurial mission for both Montauk Juice and The End is “to leave people and places better than we found them.” With that in mind, you can go into The End knowing that your best interest is of the utmost importance. 

Come by today, August 22 for their grand re-opening. Expect tarot readings, live music and free samples! It kicks off at 7 p.m. Bring a friend who needs a night of magic and fun. 

Check out their website, and keep up to date on their new and up-and-coming menu drops through Instagram

You can visit The End at 522 Metropolitan Avenue off the Lorimer L Train Stop. It’s open Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

All images courtesy of The End.

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