Courtesy of The Bodega.

A delicious Southeast Asian menu will be on offer at Bushwick’s Bodega bar next week, and it will represent the flavors and techniques of cooking of a culinary tradition with a lot less visibility than Thailand’s or Vietnam’s.

Chef Myo Moe of the Rangoon Noodle Lab has designed a menu of Burmese noodle dishes intended to offer something for everyone. Highlights from among the dishes at a previous pop up include a Mandalay Meeshay Noodle, which features rice noodles, boiled pork, a garlic black bean sauce, starch jelly, peanuts, picked mustard and chili, and a vegan Spicy Tofu Glass Noodle with a spicy hoisin sauce, a chickpea tofu salad and mint. The dishes range in price from $9-11.

The pop up will take place on Wednesday, June 22nd, from 6pm-11pm, and The Bodega is located at 24 St. Nicholas Ave, on the corner of Troutman Street. Check it out!