So Far in 2021, 89 Restaurant Violations and One Possible Closure in Bushwick

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) has issued 89 violations for restaurants in Bushwick so far in 2021. Of these, 45 violations were flagged as critical.

Data released by the DOHMH shares the violation descriptions. Most deal with the temperature at which food was being stored or the sanitation of food contact surfaces. 

Violations ranged from “food contact surface not properly maintained” to “evidence of rats” in the facility. The DOHMH found “evidence of mice” at three Bushwick restaurants.

Three violations were found at neighborhood eateries this year for “live roaches.” Violation code 04N, for the presence of certain types of flies, was given to eight Bushwick restaurants. 

Last year, the DOHMH issued 863 violations to Bushwick restaurants, 432 of which were flagged as critical.

In prior years, the number of violations was much higher. The DOHMH issued 4006 violations in 2019 and 3081 in 2018. It is harder to gauge the number of violations in years before that, since the dataset only contains citations from up to three years before a restaurant’s most recent inspection.

In addition to issuing 89 violations in Bushwick so far this year, the DOHMH data lists one closure. However, when Bushwick Daily contacted the restaurant, they said they were still open and have no plans to close in the future.

Top image by Wonderlane via Creative Commons.

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