Online Feminist Secret Society Grlcvlt is Throwing F**k Rape Culture Event on Wednesday in East Williamsburg

Courtesy of Grlcvult.

The online feminist secret society Grlcvlt is throwing a not-so-secret part this Wednesday to sign a petition to unseat Judge Aaron Persky, the judge who issued the lenient sentence of infamous Stanford rapist Brock Turner.

On June 15th, the public is invited to join Grlcvult at 35 Meadow street. At the event, there will be printed court order forms and and pre-stamped and addressed envelopes for attendees to fill out to in order to note their dissatisfaction with Persky’s decision.

The event, organized by the head of Grlcvlt’s NYC chapter, activist and model Remy Holwick, grew in scale from a a letter writing gathering in her house to a public event with a venue, live music performances and sponsors interested in supporting the cause.

As of now, the Facebook event has over 1,ooo confirmed attendees and at least 2,000 marked as interested. “We’re definitely going to be at capacity,” Holwick told i-D Magazine earlier this week, “but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t come.”

So head over to 35 Meadow St this Wednesday from 7-10pm—it’s sure to be a momentous event.

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