Call for Nominations: Bushwick’s Best Tacos 2021

Beautiful, beautiful tacos. Just thinking about them has my mouth watering.

For me, personally, the first glorious image that comes to mind is a three-count order of Al Pastor tacos. Tender pork marinated in a sweet, tangy pineapple sauce, topped with fresh cilantro and raw red onions, all piled into warm corn tortillas. Yum.

How about the new craze around Birria tacos? It isn’t a fad for me. Beef, lamb or goat slow-cooked in adobo, prepared with garlic, cumin and a wide array of other spices, topped with cilantro and onion and placed in crunchy red shells. I can’t get enough.

I could go on forever. But it is time for nominations!

What is your favorite local spot for tacos?

I know this is a tough one. But let me hear it. I don’t care if tacos are the only thing on the menu or if you have to know somebody special to get them. It doesn’t matter to me if the tacos are coming from a truck or if you have to sit down somewhere fancy. If you’ve got a favorite taco spot in or around the neighborhood, nominate it!

So, who serves up the best tacos in the neighborhood? Let us know in the comment section below! Or, email your nomination to the editor: [email protected]

Nominations close at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 20.

Visit the Best of Bushwick homepage.

Featured Image: Paulina Loyo-Gringonis, Gordo’s Cantina

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