Holiday Christmas Tree_Katie Killary

Picking out the right gift can be hard. Especially when the cashflow is tight and your Holiday-gift list is stacked with friends. But fret not! Bushwick Daily is here to help you with 10 gifts for $10 and under so you can make a stylish, original, and economic choice without stressing.

#1: Bushwick Nightz, $9

Buy at Better Than Jam, Molasses Books, Vinyl Fantasy and more!

Bushwick Daily’s first collection of short stories is a great gift for a friend who likes a juicy read and needs entertainment when they ride the subway. This fast and affordable read is also perfect for cold snowy nights when you just don’t wanna leave your apartment and would rather be paired up with a Hot Toddy.

#2 Astrology oils, $10

Buy at Catland, 987 Flushing Ave

These oils can be specially bought for the star sign of your pal. They’re meant to be used as an annointing oil, but they also smell pretty damn good so why not double as a perfume?

Photo via Catland’s Facebook Page.

#3 Duche de Longueville French Sparkling Cider, $10

Buy at Henry’s Wine & Spirit, 69 Central Ave

It sounds fancy and looks fancy. It means it must be fancy, right? I mean, that’s what your friend will be thinking when you hand them this bottle of bubbly. Plus, everyone needs some champz for New Years.

Photo by Geoff Pomella for Bushwick Daily

#4 A pet goldfish, $5

Buy at 99 Cents & Up on Knickerbocker & Suydam

You know that friend that keeps saying they want a dog but they just can’t get one cause they’re never, ever home? Well, here’s a far more economical and practical option! This complete goldfish “mini-quariam” will provide your friend with a creature to call their own.

#5 NYC Ramen Map, $8

Buy at Hops & Hocks, 2 Morgan Ave

This map is the perfect gift for the foodie friend (or the stoner friend). For $8, let the map be their guide to all things ramen throughout the five boroughs. Your bestie will thank you and then hang it on their wall.

#6 Fine & Raw Truffle, $7

Buy at Fine & Raw, Brooklyn’s Natural, Hana, basically any bourgeoisie-dega

This little bar of delight is sure to please with its decadent flavor while being light to carry around to parties. It’s the perfect indulgence to your friend with a sweet-tooth.

fine and raw

#7 Select records, $1

Buy at Vinyl Fantasy, 194 Knickerbocker Ave

Our list’s most economical option is perfect for the music-lover in your life… or for the person who likes decorating their walls with cool things.

Cake, beer, and good tunes while customers appreciate The Longest Commute Ever.

#8 Saucerman Patch, $6

Buy at Scumbags & Superstars, 16 Wilson Ave

This patch is one of the many original-patch options from Scumbags & Superstars. This puppy can be sealed within a card and sent off to loved-ones around the world. Tell em it’s a Bushwick original!

#9 A gift certificate to a manicure, $7

Buy at Good Service Nail Salon, 259 Knickerbocker Ave

Living the high-life and a spa day doesn’t have to break the bank. There’s got to be at least one person on your Xmas list who wants to get their nails did and relax.

#10 Trolls, $5

Buy at Mary Meyer, 56 Bogart St

These lil guys are colorful, adorable, original, and cheap! Buy a batch and give each to a friend for their tree. They’re sure to turn into a holiday favorite.