NYFW Notebook: Brooklyn Edition

Whether you decided to celebrate this winter’s hottest emerging designers in Williamsburg or at off-beat, eccentric shows in Bushwick, Brooklyn had no shortage of fashion shows during New York Fashion Week this year.


Anti-fashion and anti-beauty have, ironically, become a trend of its own this year. KRATER was easily Brooklyn’s most impressionable and ambitious NYFW event.

KRATER delivered the ultimate out-of-the-box and tastefully outrageous NYFW show of the season, featuring designs with rowdy performances by emerging designers and DJ sets that lasted all night at Bushwick’s House of Yes.

The show itself showcased previews from by designers like Femlord, Official Rebrand and a local designer named Giselle, who had put the event together. According to a later report from Paper magazine, the DJ sets came from JADALAREIGN and Donis, regulars at the Ridgewood club Nowadays. The show’s pulsing techno fervor made for a night of overall androgynous, fluid fun.

Global Fashion Collective

Although this show featured designers from all over the world, Global Fashion Collective’s return to WIlliamsburg this year landed with a show filled with New York-street style and gender fluid-inspired fits, filling a former warehouse in the neighborhood. 

The show previewed debut pieces by emerging artists like the New York-based Hanwei Su, who showcased her brand’s latest designs, which centered on themes like environmental justice and challenging gender and self-expression. Other street-wear inspired designers at the show included NOLO, and adolescent and adult-line newcomer HEEYONGHeE, who introduced seductive takes on winter staples with neutral palettes.

The Global Fashion Collective featured the adult-line newcomer HEEYONGHeE, who introduced seductive takes on winter staples with neutral palettes.


Based in New York City, the Beijing-born designer Fang Guo centered his show on modern, knitwear designs that were inspired by geometric cut-out dancewear, Guo aims to create essentials made with flair out of bodycon staples. Drawing influence from artists like Ellsworth Kelly and Lucio Fontana, Guo’s brand serves modern minimalism with a touch of romance, including pieces made with yarn, mesh and sheer fabric for an elegant finish. 

In collaboration with the American Ballet Theatre, the show also showcaded ballet performers, repping the brand’s latest designs and contemporary wear.


The VERS boutique on Willoughby Avenue hosted a party dedicated to showcasing emerging local designers and musicians, including the Bushwick-based Lizzy Gee, who hosted her own IMPACT NYFW event there, featuring up-and-coming designers who say they prioritize sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. 

Along with Gee, the line-up of up and coming designers debuted names like Gilium, Paradox Vested Religion, YXEN Kids Destroy and Unforeseen Hope. It was a show packed with fun and eccentric pieces, bright colors, and a mix of gender-fluid-meets-cyber punk designs.

Images taken by Erica Milone.

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