There Have Been 11 Antler Sightings in Bushwick!

On the very first day of this frosty December, we brought you this photo essay of antlers spotted in and around Bushwick. I swear, Rudolph’s reindeer friends seem to be everywhere, and not just during the holidays. I’ve seen these images and artworks throughout the year, from the peeling sticker on Grattan Street to the ornate wallpaper inside of Alaska Bar. Now on the 11th day of Christmas, I’m totally in the mood to bring you more antler pics…

Decorating my home with dollar store ornaments and baking holiday cookies first inspired me to get this round up going and share with you all. Now we can celebrate the holiday spirit year-round in the one and only Bushwick!

After the original post, I was excited to see that the new House of Curiosities style café/bar The Keep put up a few reindeer decorations amidst their treasure trove of eclectic antiques. Have a look!

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