On the 12th Day of Christmas, Give Your Loved One 12 Stories about Bushwick

Nowadays, it seems everyone wants a piece of Bushwick. That’s why this summer Bushwick Daily brought you Bushwick Nightz; a collection of short stories about the neighborhood. This brutally honest, self aware collection of 12 stories is the perfect gift for your true love. Give a slice of life in this neighborhood this year to someone who’s never experienced it, or wants to get a time capsule of the changes.

Some of our reviews include:

“The twelve mostly fictional stories, written in tones ranging from sarcastic to sincere, are peppered with classic Bushwickian gems.” –Bedford & Bowery

“Best New Navelgazing Short Story Collection.” –The L Magazine

“They attend gallery shows and drink at bars that offer no excitement or intrigue, although they’re also aware that their lives in New York are the dreams of many, and once their own dreams. It is a pervading theme throughout the book, a lack-luster outlook on what you have, a feeling that there should be more.” –Brooklyn Based

“Most of the stories are about Bushwick nightlife — getting wasted at art shows and waking up next to a stranger. But several of them are also written by lifelong Bushwick residents who talk about their reactions and feelings to changes happening in the neighborhood.” –DNAinfo

“ Bushwick is portrayed fully in its beauty, ugliness, poverty, art and sexiness. It covers everything people talk about when they get into the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood and its culture clashes. Hipsters and yuppies, natives, Puerto Ricans and wannabes all get a spotlight in the collection of stories.” –Brokelyn

Bushwick Nightz can be bought at Better Than Jam, Catland, Strand Bookstore, Spoonbill & Sugartown, Molasses Books, Vinyl Fantasy and online at Amazon.

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