Fall’s first days have finally arrived and we couldn’t be more pleased. The change of seasons allows us to be more playful and mix  jackets, sweaters, and scarves with the flowing yoga pants, sandals, and t-shirts of summer. It’s that time of year when layering is essential. Here’s how Bushwick is doing it, and beautifully we might add.

Name: Delphine (above)

What she does: Photographer

Where she’s going: Home

Her style: “No style, the opposite of style. Street style vs chic vs traditional. Make people ask, ‘Where you come from?'”

Favorite piece: The bracelet, from Alkhemy9.


Name: David

What he does: Busser at Mominette

Where he’s going: To cater “a party for a rich French guy on Lafayette St.”

His style: “The first thing I see on the floor.”

Favorite piece: The pants. “I was wearing these last night.”

Favorite store: Vice Versa


Name: Sol

What she does: Freelance art and fashion producer

Where she’s going: To meet a friend in K-town

 Her style: A mix of vintage and monochrome colors

 Favorite store: Beacon’s Closet; Tokio 7

 Favorite piece: Shorts, by her friend for Whatever 21


Name: Claire

What she does: Freelance fashion stylist

Where she’s going: Goodyoga

Style: Laid-back and comfortable

Favorite store: Portobello Market vintage stores (in her native London)

Why she loves Bushwick: She just moved here a few weeks ago, and a friend recommended she live in Bushwick. “It’s like nowhere else in New York. Still on the edge, raw, interesting, and creative.”


Name: Matt

What he does: Graduate student in Philosophy at Columbia

Where he’s going: Home

His haircut: “My roommate is a hairstylist, so he cut my hair at a discount.”


Name: Mie

What she does: Independent curator

Where she’s going: Home

Her style: Dress for the occasion

Favorite stores: Designer showrooms; Chelsea Market

Favorite piece: The jacket, by Rebecca Minkoff


Name: Clark

What he does: Senior in high school

What he’s doing: Skateboarding

Style: “I don’t label myself.”


Name: Hilary

What she does: Actress

Where she’s going: Home, to eat some hummus

Favorite piece: Scarf, from Better than Jam at the Loom; ring made by her boyfriend from a record

Favorite store: Her friend’s thrift store Odd Showroom (in her native New Hampshire)

You can see more of Marianna’s work here.