Zombie folks trying to get on the L shuttle bus





— Reno (@RenoNY) September 29, 2013


It is that time of the week again when we all find out what our future L train fate holds for us. Sadly, this installment of the L train service saga is not too different from the past few installations – the L train, yet again, is being incredibly difficult. For instance, train service will not be running this weekend, 10/5 until 10/7 (I am starting to sound like a broken record). Below are some more quick details as to when, where and why the L train service will be lacking:

The L train will operate this weekend 10/5 until 10/7  in two sections:

– Between 8th Ave and Lorimer Street

– Between Myrtle Avenue and Rockaway Parkway

These service changes will also occur in the upcoming weeknights of 10/7 until 10/11.

– As usual, shuttle buses will be available between affected stations.

– Yes, they are still replacing deteriorated ties and sections of concrete roadbed (whatever that means).

Now let us all pause for a collective “Noooooooooooo”.

Remember to check the MTA’s website for any last-minute changes. Good luck!

PS: Did you know that the L train is now also tweeting? The L train routinely claims on his Twitter that L is for Lorraine, not for lame, lousy, limited, etc…