TPDR. Photo by Maria Gotay.

This week’s Listening Party focuses on the band Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!. Listening Party is a curated weekly column promoting music discovery and encouraging concert-going. Featuring someone we’ve been jamming out to and we recommend to the masses, each Listening Party artist has an upcoming show at a local NYC venue. Grab your headphones and read on.

WHO:  Neil Fridd and 20 some odd other rotating members

THEY SAY:  “sex, hugs and pizza rolls.”

WE SAY:  Theatrical Positive-vibes Party Band with a neverending supply of costumes

FROM: Nashville, TN


LABELS: David Byrne’s label, Luaka Pop

Recent Work: Not entirely clear if there is any.

Upcoming Show: Next Tuesday, October 8th, at Death by Audio

There’s so much to say about a band like TPDR. First of all, their name is Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!. Their sound, with thrashing power pop, dance, and rock influences, just doesn’t fit into a genre. They’ve been reviewed by The NY Times, oh, and also Seventeen Magazine. They’re signed to David Byrne’s label and have a fetish for suits made of stuffed animals.  Their website looks like a beanie baby threw up a bunch of clip art, and is written in language pieced together with exaggerated internet lingo and endless exclamation points. And although most of their music, including single “Ride.Friendship,” (which repeats the phrase “you make my heart explode” about 75 times), inspires a form of sweaty ecstatic dance, there are a few songs that hint at a deeper and more interesting sound, like the Modest Mouse-esque “Fast Forward Regrets.” What’s clear is that Neil Fridd and his collective are artists with gluttonous desire to create a visual and interactive element to their art. Their live shows are all about spreading love, positivity, and good vibes while bringing literally everyone in the venue into a crazed dance circle beneath a parachute. Get ready, Brooklyn. If you haven’t experienced these lovable psychopaths live yet, it’s time. Maybe someone will burst out of a birthday cake.

Gif from TPDR’s Website.
Gif from TPDR’s Website.