$9??? DAMN YOU OPI!!!

Alright ladies. Here we are with our second edition of Urban Outfitters or Jimmy Jazz? I know y’all hit up Rainbow immediately after the last installment and are rocking those loud prints in this new ever-evading warm weather.

In this sequence, I’m gonna bring up the nail fad. Gals have been getting cray cray with their at home manicures and accent nails or what have you and you know I’m telling the truth. I’m also telling the truth about how flippin’ expensive some of these damn polishes can. Yes, I’m talking about Essie and OPI over here. And as much as I love their colors I’m not pretending to be something I’m not when I bring that ish to the register at the local pharmacy and am told I owe a whopping 9-something dollars, and then have to say nevermind Imma bring it back to where I found it cause I’d rather spend the money on some chilaquiles at Carrera’s or something. Nope. I have since learned to spare everyone some time. Instead we’re gonna do this the right way a.k.a. the cash tight way.

Just some of the colors QRS has to offer.

So recently I discovered the mother of all knockoff brands, QRS. This stuff comes in a bottle that seems to mimic OPI. The only difference is it reads QRS and is only like, $1.99. While the colors may not be named by a professional word-person who says, “Let’s call this yellow ‘After Brunch!’ rather than something generic like ‘Canary,” this shit lasts just as long on the chipness scale, which is what’s really important for us gals who don’t have the damn time to self pamper our hands every other day.

QRS also dries quickly, unlike some brands that take as long as a landlord takes to call you back about a leaky radiator. And by “some brands” I’m talking about Milani (although you KNOW I love their liquid eyeliner).

QRS’ “Morning Calm” and “The Water Nymph” in a Bushwick sunset.

So how does QRS actually look on? Well, I’m not gonna lie. You do need a good top coat otherwise it’s just straight dust pigment on ya nails. But if you’re anything like me you lack any sense of grace and should be doing a top coat anyway to hide your mistakes, ya damn klutz! Just kidding. But seriously—do a top coat. Any top coat.

Once all is said and done, your nails will be looking fresh and fab. And with the colors QRS has to offer you can get real creative all My Little Pony vs. Care Bear-powa! status. And as cheap as this stuff is, you can buy a few bottles, mix and match colors, do an accent nail and all.

Wearing QRS’ “Carribean Sunset” and “Love is Blue” as my accent nail.

So hop on over to Galaxy Beauty Supply on 250 Knickerbocker Ave or Young’s Beauty Supply on 797 Broadway, or basically any Bushwick Beauty Supply store to get at some of this knockoff goodness. And when I see all your fingers looking fab on Wyckoff let’s raise our hands high together, yo. Hope you enjoyed my tips for ya tips.