Kenny Scharf Arrested on Morgan Ave for Graffiti

Kenny Scharf spent 20 hours in 2 Brooklyn jails for this little snake (image via

Do you want to be friends with a famous graffiti artists? Why don’t you arrest one? That’s probably what the cops were thinking when they arrested a living legend, graffiti artist Kenny Scharf on early Saturday at 1AM in East Williamsburg on 209 Morgan Ave. Blog Art Sucks reported that Kenny Scharf didn’t show up at Michael Alan‘s art show in Chelsea as he was supposed to, and later texted him apologizing that he was in jail. According to NYPD spokesman, Kenny “two spray cans which he used to paint a snake on the wall of the establishment,” reports Gothamist.

According to Art Sucks, Kenny posted on his Facebook: “The cops who arrested me were fans and wanted to talk about Exit Through the Gift Shop and even liked the tag.”  Kenny further posted on his Facebook that he is fine, and thankful, he gets to sleep in his own bed. About his jail experience, he posted: “I was in there 30 years ago and im sorry to say its much worse now. Kind of like hell.”

Kenny is charged with making graffiti (a class A misdemeanor), and possession of a graffiti instrument (a class B misdemeanor).

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