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Brooklyn’s Desert Sharks have been melting faces across the borough for the better part of the last decade, making an impact largely through their blistering and indelible live performances. Therefore, it’s entirely appropriate that the title of their debut album, Baby’s Gold Death Stadium, incorporates a number of storied local venues from both the past and present as homage to the stages they’ve slain since their formation. The record, which is due for release on September 27 via Bushwick-based label Substitute Scene Records, is the culmination of years spent honing their craft and developing a hard-edged sound that’s uniquely their own. 

On Baby’s Gold Death Stadium, the quartet captures their high energy live show in a ferocious 12-song collection that oozes with spirit, tenacity, and might. The band’s signature blend of punk, grunge, and garage echoes ’90s staples like L7, Tad, and Babes In Toyland on overdrive for a series of propulsive guitar-driven tracks, starting with singles “Sorceress,” “Dating?” and “I Don’t Know How To Dress For The Apocalypse.”

That forcefulness and fire bubbles below the surface for the robust “Volcano” before exploding on later tracks like the hook-filled “Serpent” and the searing melodies on “Dead Weight.”

The record runs the gamut in terms of lyrical themes with the uplifting rallying cry of “Sorceress,” the tongue-in-cheek doom day lamenting “I Don’t Know How To Dress For The Apocalypse,” and the Daria referencing “Sick Sad World.” All of which reflect the contemporary disillusionment that many feel in today’s world.

Desert Sharks. Photo by @nicopotosme

With almost five years between releases, fans of Desert Sharks have waited patiently for their debut record. After one listen to Baby’s Good Death Stadium, it’s safe to say it was worth the wait. 

You can pre-order Baby’s Gold Death Stadium on limited edition gold vinyl via Bandcamp.

Don’t miss the Baby’s Gold Death Stadium release celebration on September 28 at The Broadway. New Myths and Nevva are also on the bill!

All images courtesy of Desert Sharks. Cover photo by Shawn Cuni.

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