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Atlas Engine is back in a big way with their first single of 2020, “Where Have You Gone?” The latest release from the East Williamsburg based project of songwriter Nick Lafalce sees the band taking their already massive sounding style of indie rock to uncharted territory.  With lavish co-production from band member Jeff Fettig and mastering from Joe Lambert, Lafalce expands his use of synthesizers and sprinkles in some extra reverb for a sweet slice of cinematic dream pop.

“Where Have You Gone?” is the project’s most personal and introspective song to date, as it explores the evolution of a personal relationship, one where each partner slowly peels the external veneer of the other to reveal their deepest, truest form. Lafalce drew inspiration from a line in Anne Enright’s The Gathering: “People don’t change, they’re merely revealed.” Further elaborating, Lafalce said, “I’ve loved that line [from Anne Enright’s The Gathering] for over 10 years, and I’ve kept it with me ever since.” And while the lyrics and associated production elements do convey surprise and even confusion at this moment of realization, they also come across as cathartic and freeing. Particularly, the transfixing refrain of “Where Have You Gone?” as the song climaxes feels freeing amongst dissonant bass lines, sheer guitars, and the previously alluded to towering synths. Synthesizers are definitely the sonic focal point of the song, as they set a mystic and contemplative mood, particularly, the track’s omnipresent swirling hook. The spaced out, dreamy track is another fine addition to the band’s stellar catalog, and we can’t wait to hear more. There are rumblings of an EP on the horizon, so stay tuned.

Stream “Where Have You Gone?” below.

Catch Atlas Engine performing at Pet Rescue on March 7th with The Planes, The Great American Novel, and Shooting Star Press. The band also just announced a series of dates in Austin at South by Southwest: 

All photos courtesy of Atlas Engine.

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