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Last December, Bushwick Daily launched the first Passport to Bushwick, which offers a free drink at 19 local bars, all for just $25. The Passport is valid through the end of 2019 and we think it’s the perfect excuse to have some fun and get to know Bushwick even better.

But don’t take our word for it. Bushwick resident Phoebe Kingsak has visited every single passport destination in three weeks—and she had a blast along the way. Kingsak spoke to Bushwick Daily about her experiences.

What do you do and when did you move to Bushwick?

I work in undergraduate admissions at NYU. I also am a part-time Master’s student and an NYC Trivia League trivia host! I moved to Bushwick four years ago in May.

How did you hear about the passport and why did you decide to get one?

I follow Bushwick Daily on pretty much every form of social media, and when I saw the announcement on Instagram, immediately told my boyfriend and best friend. I’ve been doing Brooklyn Beer Books for years with my friends and thought this was one more fun way to explore my neighborhood watering holes.

Who did you tackle the passport with?

I did every Passport stop with my boyfriend, Zac. We got them together and thought it’d be a fun bonding experience. Plus we both love trying new beers and drinks and finding new bars to frequent. We’d hit four to five at a time, hence us finishing the book so quickly!

What were your favorite destinations?

Oooh, favorite destinations…hard to pick just one! In terms of locales, Syndicated is such a cool bar, and at Father Knows Best, we stumbled upon a local musician’s set, Eric Vitoff, and I now have a new Spotify crush. In terms of drinks, Syndicated again had such good house cocktails (I had the Drag Me to Hell, Zac had the Squid and the Whale), and Forrest Point really knew how to mix a cocktail based on our tastes. And always, ALWAYS Boobie Trap. It’s literally my favorite bar in the world.

When did you officially complete the passport?

We got our Passports on January 30, I believe the day of the launch party at Hart Bar, and finished them on Thursday, February 20. So it was a fun and wild three weeks!

Which was your first and last stop?

Our first stop was Braven Brewing Company, and our last was House of Yes, which was an adventure. You can’t get in unless you’re heading to a special event, and we were NOT about to pay money to go clubbing. So we picked a free event on Thursday night (a onesie party—I dressed as Umbreon, the Pokemon) and got our last stamps!

Photo on the right depicts Kingsak in her Pokemon onesie at House of Yes, with her free drink from the Passport to Bushwick.

What’s your favorite part of living in Bushwick?

I love how chill Bushwick is. It’s a great escape from the hell that is Manhattan. It feels the closest to a suburban-y neighborhood, where you recognize your neighbors and their dogs and have your go-to bodegas and bars. It’s the ideal lifestyle, having your regular hangouts and bartenders knowing your name. I can’t see myself leaving any time soon.

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All photos courtesy of Phoebe Kingsak.

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