Where To Watch The Biden-Trump Debate (And Drink About It) 

The ultimate vibe-killer of the summer is upon us: President Joe Biden, 81, and his predecessor Donald Trump, 78, are set to face off on Thursday at CNN’s studios in Atlanta. 

The first-ever debate in U.S. history between a sitting and former commander in chief will air live on June 27 at 9 p.m. EST — and if you’re planning to tune in, you don’t have to bear it all alone. There are a few spots in and near Bushwick where you can watch the geriatric showdown while self-soothing with booze. 

You can witness the first of the Trump-Biden debates over drinks and snacks at any of these four places, no entry fee required. But please be advised that you won’t be able to mute any bad takes you might overhear.

Ridgewood’s volunteer-operated community group Woodbine NYC is running a livestream of the debates at its space on Woodward avenue. Look for the green doors, which will open at 8:30. On instagram, the group asks that you “bring snacks and drinks to share, and visions for a different life.” 

The local meeting and mutual aid space also hosts regular workshops, lectures, community dinners, film screenings and yoga and meditation classes, mostly for free or by suggested donation, which you can find on their website

Woodbine is located at 585 Woodward Avenue.

This sports bar and comedy club over in Williamsburg is also screening the debates (“sound on!”) and selling cheap beer too. Before that kicks off, you can also catch a comedy show there featuring Shahak Shapira, Napoleon Emill and Toby McMullen at 7 p.m. if you’d like to laugh at some point Thursday night. (tickets here). 

Old Man Hustle is located at 308 Bedford Avenue.

Watch “these old guys duke it out” at Bushwick’s premier bar/movie theater/restaurant. Syndicated typically screens movies that you need to buy tickets for, but has cleared its calendar on Thursday so you can see Trump and Biden fight over the last cup of jello on its giant bar screens. Seating is first come, first serve. 

Syndicated is located at 40 Bogart Street.

What better place is there to watch the death of an empire than the casket-factory-turned-bar right down the street? The Pine Box Rock Shop is welcoming guests to “numb the pain” with a $7 beer and shot special while the debate unfolds in the main bar. There’s a ton of NA options available too, and you can enjoy some vegan-friendly snacks if you manage to find an appetite. 

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Mary Ellen Cagnassola
Mary Ellen Cagnassola
Mary Ellen Cagnassola is an award-winning reporter with a flair for creative nonfiction and a love of all things strange and unusual. Born and raised in the Garden State, she is currently trying to have it all in New York City.

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