The internet raved in June when popular Lower East Side dive bar Welcome to the Johnson’s announced the opening of their offshoot location in Bushwick. To prepare the space, including all the bar formalities, took a little longer (about five months longer to be precise) than originally planned but the day has finally arrived! The Bushwick location is simply called “The Johnson’s” and it is opening tonight from 8 to 11PM at 369 Troutman Ave (between Irving and Wyckoff Aves).

Co-owner Lisa Gartner was too busy with all the preparations to give us any comment other than that we should all come tonight and see for ourselves. However, blog Bedford + Bowery announced in June that the Bushwick offshoot would be about four times the size of its Lower East Side original, and it would include a sheltered patio with picnic tables and a window for take-outs.

This lil spot has been transformed into The Johnsons. (Screenshot from Google Maps Street View.)

So I guess the plan of action is as follows: Go see some art openings on the earlier side of the nighthave a slice at Union Pizza (which also opens tonight), grab a beer at The Johnson’s and then proceed to one of the awesome music shows planned for tonight!