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There’s another new pizza slinger in town, and they’ve already won our affection. Union Pizza Works, located right next door to the Rookery, fired up their pizza oven last night for a ‘friends and family’ opening. Despite the qualification, the place was packed, and more than one stranger (such as myself) wandered in off the street, beckoned inside by warm pizza and cold beers and tiramisu. The atmosphere was buoyant and jovial and Italian. The interior is all concrete walls, but it doesn’t feel austere. Instead, maybe it’s the last day on earth, and you’re hunkered down in a concrete tomb, so why not eat, drink, relax, and enjoy some tasty ‘za in Bushwick?

They’re having a soft opening this weekend, but in a few short weeks they should be debuting the full menu. And once they do, we’ll fill you in on the highlights. In the meantime, keep a close eye on 423 Troutman St, they seem poised to deliver fantastic food and excellent evenings!