This post is sponsored by Bushwick Bar Bazaar

bushwick bar bazaar

I don’t know about you but I am very fond of the recently popular idea of holiday gift shopping in bars. I mean, it is really cold outside and so if we can combine several activities at just one location then so be it. Bushwick Bar Bazaar is doing just that. During the entire month of December, they have been touring our favorite watering holes in the neighborhood, and this weekend they will make a stop at Heavy Woods! So after your Sunday brunch at 4PM, don’t rush home; instead order a leisurely pint of seasonal ale, and take a look at amazing jewelry and other cute lil¬†gifts created by a select group of local artists and artisans. Forget about the overwhelming large markets of Williamsburg, take a look at the awesome products below, and do your shopping this Sunday with the following featured artists: Metal Atelier, Moss + Twig,¬†Rishona Fleishman, Luna Line Jewelry, Cromwell Jewelry and Vena Amoris Jewelry.

The final round of Bushwick Bar Bazaar will go down next week at 4-8PM at Duck Duck off the Montrose L stop.

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