Phil Buehler


Phil Buehler is a long-time Bushwick based photographer & explorer of urban ruins. Buehler will be publishing some of his work in weekly curated segments on Bushwick Daily. 

“I’ll continue to post more photos of the artists, musicians, performers, street art, events, buildings, art galleries, even the pets and garbage from the last ten years as a weekly column here on Bushwick Daily – look for Bushwick: Art or Garbage and Bushwick: Then & Now.”

Art or Garbage: A Trip in the Uncanny Valley

Mannequins at Julia Trading on Flushing Avenue. I think this would make a great album cover.
Mannequin heads at Green Village Used Clothing and Furniture. My iPhone wanted to tag the faces.
Morgan Avenue
Mannequin head at Food Story Natural Market
Nick Kivlen, Julia Cumming & Jacob Faber of Sunflower Bean for We Color Live at Mona Liza
White Street trash
Bushwick barber shop
CPR dummy in the hall of my apartment
Mannequins at Julia Trading on Flushing Avenue
Wig on mannequin heads at Young’s Beauty Supply on Broadway
Lauren Fueyo at Amos Enos Gallery
Cardboard Robot Battles at Standard ToyKraft
Drag show at Bizarre Bar

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