Magdalena Waz


In Bushwick, there are people making art all around us, and there’s nothing better than an IRL meet-up for photographers and zinemakers to swap their work. Thanks to Bushwick Community Darkroom and the New York City Street Photography Collective, you’ll have an opportunity to do just that on Saturday.

From 4 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, photographers, artists and interested onlookers are invited to participate in the ultimate swap at Bushwick Community Darkroom’s Troutman Street gallery. For a suggested donation of $5, you will also receive a ticket for a free beer courtesy of Six Point. 

Christopher Voss of the NYC Street Photography Collective says the idea for the swap came from wanting to unplug from the internet for a bit. “While we do have a heavy individual as well as group online presence through Instagram, all the negative things associated with that- thirst for fame, tiny screens, the noise of so many posts can really bum me out. I thought getting together to share and talk to each other was a way to hopefully rise above that and talk to each-other in a way that you can’t in social media,” he says.

Natalia Gubinski, one of the organizers on the BCD side adds: “Our community is very strong and supportive and we enjoy sharing work with one another, as well as inviting new people in to share as well.  We are expecting a great turn out and are all very excited!”

This is your chance to get out from behind your phone screen and possibly meet some of the photographers you already follow on Instagram for their takes on the city we call home.

Who knows? You might find your new favorite artist there, too!

Featured image courtesy of Bushwick Community Darkroom.