The Muse, Bushwick’s Own Circus, Needs Crowdfunding Support

Magdalena Waz


A little over a year ago, The Muse, Bushwick’s circus and event DIY space, was facing a rough patch in the form of an unexpected $15,000 worth of upgrades to their Moffat Street headquarters. Now, they need to raise at least double that amount to keep their doors open due to a series of unfortunate setbacks.

Their current Indiegogo campaign describes two devastating blows. For one, the company which rented their space for a large chunk of August did not pay their $18,000 bill. And on top of that misfortune, the architect The Muse hired to help meet Department of Buildings requirements was unlicensed, which means the work doesn’t count.

This isn’t new territory for The Muse. They famously were booted from their space along with music venue, Glasslands, when Vice moved to Williamsburg.

Watch the crowdfunding video below:

“It’s really terrible to be taken advantage of, and we feel very supported by the community right now, but we do have an immediate need where we can’t make September’s overhead rent and salaries without your help,” says Angela Buccinni, The Muse’s director and founder.

There are many rewards and funding levels, but our favorite might be the $25 donation reward, which comes in the form of a “Color Me Circus” coloring book designed by Nata Ibragimov with ink drawings of circus life. How’s that for an adult coloring book?

And if you hurry, you might be able to snag any one of a number of private lessons from yoga to dance trapeze.

Featured image courtesy of The Muse

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