Little Skips Expands Empire to Include Broadway’s Covert Coffee

Magdalena Waz


Little Skips‘ impressive reach extends outside the walls of its packed Willoughby Avenue location. Owner Linda Thach has spent the past three years on Myrtle Avenue building the “little” empire. There’s Little Mo, where rice bowls and bahn mi reign supreme and Baby Skips, a cafe offshoot immediately next door.

Now, the famed cafe will head east down Broadway and expand into new space you may recognize as Covert Coffee. The move was announced on Instagram by Covert Coffee’s Aaron Mounier. The official handing over of the baton will take place on June 1, only a month away.

We reached out to Thach but have yet to hear back. Today, she did post a picture of herself at Covert Coffee on Instagram with the following caption:

The coffee shop’s success is evident whenever we take a peek inside looking for a place to park our laptops for a few hours and sip on just about any coffee concoction on the menu. Perhaps this new expansion will alleviate some of that rush. Big congrats to the Little Skips family!

Featured image courtesy of Little Skips.

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