Magdalena Waz


Film festivals come in all shapes and sizes, but the local DV8 Film Fest taking place in Bushwick in June combines the 48 hour format with nostalgia for a long-gone era. 

Participants are able to rent either a super 8 camera—all sold out, unfortunately—or a mini dv camcorder like the ones your parents used to document family picnics. In 48 hours, filmmakers will have to use that camera to make a film and use only the editing tools available in the camera itself, which means you’ll have to film sequentially. 

Festival submissions in the past ranged from experimental to narrative but all show a passion for filmmaking in its most unfettered form. Here’s a sample of what one of last year’s participants cooked up:

Something to Do With Loss from DV8 Film Festival on Vimeo.

Gaby Granda, co-founder of the fest, tells Bushwick Daily that “this year we have almost twice the amount of people signed up to participate as we did the first year. Essentially, we’ve grown up a little, but are still trying to keep that same DIY vibe.”

While submissions are still open, only those with access to a DV8 camera can register. Check out the full rules here. But hurry, the official 48 hour shooting period begins on Friday, May 5.

The screening is local, too, taking place at Lot 45 on June 9, and tickets will cost $10-15. Follow the festival on Facebook for further details!

Featured image courtesy of the festival.