Hoarders Take Note, a New Storage Facility Springs up on an Empty Bushwick Lot

Magdalena Waz


Southeast Bushwick will soon be home to a three-story tall storage facility which is more proof that storage facilities are taking over commercially zoned lots all over Brooklyn, Brownstoner reports.

The huge lot abuts The Evergreens Cemetery and has been empty for decades, and a storage facility provides at least some kind of focal point in a neighborhood that goes from beautiful brownstones to gas station hellscape in about a block.

Storage facilities have been popping up in recent years on lots where the zoning prevents residential developments from dominating the landscape, and residents aren’t always happy with the results, as evidenced by what happened during the fight over with a huge storage facility in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Storage facilities are more or less black holes for our stuff, and they don’t create the jobs or affordable housing communities need, which makes them nearly as unpopular as luxury housing and in some cases uglier, too.

In this case, the architect of record switched from Scarano Architect to David Silberman, P.E. Robert Scarano, the original architect has been banned from submitting plans to the Department of Buildings since 2010 for falsifying documents, among other things. Looks like we at least dodged that bullet!

No word yet on when construction will be complete, but only time will tell whether or not the neighborhood needed something like this.

Featured image courtesy of Google Maps.

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