Magdalena Waz


One of Bushwick’s iconic DIY spaces, Secret Project Robot, closed its Melrose Avenue doors at the end of 2016’s summer season. But now, they have announced they will officially reopen at 1186 Broadway on May 4.

Since its inception over 10 years ago, Secret Project Robot has done what it can to create large scale art installations and parties in a city that is increasingly more and more hostile to creative production. The space has been able to stay nimble for so long partially due to the fact that they rely on funding from their more commercial ventures/sister locations Happyfun Hideaway and Flowers for All Occasions

A portion of the new space. Image courtesy of Secret Project Robot.

The owners announced that “after months of careful consideration and philosophizing over the uncertainty of the future of artist run spaces in New York City, the founders and their new artist partners and co-conspirators decided that the DIY cultural heritage of New York is too important to let be obliterated by cynicism and rising rents.”

The bar in the new space. Image courtesy of Secret Project Robot.

The party on May 4 will feature DJs and free champagne from 7 to 9 p.m. Come dance the night away and celebrate DIY spaces and their ability to rise from the ashes as many times as it takes. We can’t wait to see what kind of art comes out of this new venture!

Featured image courtesy of @justysworld.