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Choosing a favorite salon is always difficult, especially if you’re new to the neighborhood. And while you might be familiar with the Bushwick powerhouse salons like Self Salon and Maxwell’s, local hair rockstar Elma Siljkovic just added herself to the fray with a new shop: Queen of Swords. 

Queen of Swords, located on bustling Irving Avenue, just opened April 20, but Siljkovic has been cutting and styling hair for a long time. “Professionally, I’ve been a hair stylist for seven years. However, I’ve been cutting, coloring, and styling my friends and family since I can remember,” she said.  

As a New York native and Bushwick resident of 10 years, Siljkovic knew opening a salon in the neighborhood was a no-brainer: “I live here! I want to be a part of the community, carve out a space for myself, and everyone I love.”

Siljkovic specializes in dry hair cutting and offers the unique service at Queen of Swords. “A dry haircut is an alternative approach to haircutting. It is what you are probably thinking. The hair is dry when you get it cut. This allows me to meet your needs exactly,” she explained. “You don’t wear your hair wet, so why cut it that way? Dry hair has mass and shape. Wet hair is stretched out, and lays straighter and flatter. A dry haircut can take into account that crazy cowlick, [and] the combination of different textures.”

Queen of Swords is now open on 177 Irving Avenue. For a preview of Elma’s prolific body of awesome hair-styling work, check out her site here. Also, follow Queen of Swords on Instagram and call (718) 513-1393 to book an appointment! 


Queen of Swords

New Irving Avenue hair salon specializing in dry cuts and inventive color.

 177 Irving Ave. (Dekalb L)


 (718) 513-1393

Follow Queen of Swords on Instagram.

Featured image courtesy of Elma Siljkovic.