Elsewhere, New Epic Music Venue From Owners of Glasslands is Opening in Bushwick This Fall

It is Bushwick Daily’s great pleasure to announce that the rumors we’ve been hearing for months were true. The legacy of Glasslands will live on as its creators have announced the opening of a brand new music and arts venue in East Williamsburg called Elsewhere.

Elsewhere will be located at 599 Johnson Avenue in a converted warehouse and will open this coming fall 2016, Popgun Presents, which owns the venue, confirmed today.

The partners Dhruv Chopra, Rami Haykal and Jake Rosenthal promise that within their $3 million, 24,000-square-foot venue we will find multiple performance spaces, high-end audio and visual capabilities, an open rooftop, art gallery and loft bar.

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The 599 Johnson location before renovations. (Photo: Google Maps)

Elsewhere will expand upon the programming we used to know from Glasslands promising the best of the best on indie music and art scene.

“We’re hoping to expand on the impact of Glasslands, creating a platform for progressive emerging music, and a destination for world-class artists,” Jake Rosenthal told Bushwick Daily.

“I was actually living in Bushwick in the early days of booking Glasslands, and a big challenge was trying to convince national and international touring bands to come play Williamsburg for their U.S. debut shows instead of the Lower East Side,” added Rami Haykal. “Those venues were better facilities, but Brooklyn had energy. Bushwick reminds of that time, there’s a chance to give our artists and audiences a home again, more than just open another venue.”

Elsewhere certainly promises a lot of space to play.

The largest of the rooms, a 5,000-square-foot performance hall, will serve as space for live and dance music as well as for multi-disciplinary events.

A smaller, 1,200 square-foot performance space, will showcase emerging artists.

We are totally psyched for their 5,000-square-foot rooftop, which will offer a full bar, and will host a full array of events from parties, film nights, to open-air art installations.

The Loft Bar located on the inside will open during the afternoons and during the events. Besides a full bar, the Loft Bar will offer a small food menu as well as coffee.

Elsewhere has also space for art. The Skybridge Gallery, dedicated to art exhibitions, will be floating above the outdoor courtyard.

[Lower East Side] venues were better facilities, but Brooklyn had energy. Bushwick reminds of that time, there’s a chance to give our artists and audiences a home again, more than just open another venue.

Gif: Bushwick Daily

When Glasslands, the magical art and music venue located in a South Williamsburg loft, closed in 2014 not a single eye on the Brooklyn indie scene remained dry.

VICE headquarters took over the building and news outlets swore that that was the last nail in the coffin for Williamsburg and what it once stood for. And while Williamsburg might be over, things never really looked too bad for Popgun Presents.

Popgun Presents, today a full-scale events production and promotion, music curation, and venue management company has been formed in 2008 in a Bushwick loft by Rami Haykal and Jake Rosenthal, then juniors at NYU. The duo, later joined by Dhruv Chopra, has quickly made a name for themselves thanks to their openminded, risk-taking programming across genres, and for an artist-first approach to supporting culture. They were among the few promoters who have introduced and helped foster the careers of acts such as Tame Impala, Disclosure, Stormzy, Angel Olsen, Mø, Lana Del Rey, Grimes, Darkside, FKA Twigs and Nils Frahm long before they gained attention of mainstream media and consumers.



New huge music venue from the owners of now closed Glasslands will be opening in East Williamsburg in fall 2016.



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