Good day, Bushwick!

What are you saying? That we must have gotten a real good night’s sleep because we look so… sexy?

Aaah, you make us blush!

Well, we admit it, we do look good. But, hey, you look pretty darn hot yourself.

OK, OK! If you’re a regular Bushwick Daily reader (and we know you are), you know that we’ve been due for a new website, which would present our content in a more effective way, for quite a while now. Our last website was created three years ago, which in website years might as well be 30.

But let’s be frank for a moment. It’s not entirely easy for a local, independently-owned website to get technology comparable to VC-funded media companies out there. If we were less of dreamers, we’d even tell you it’s impossible. But dreamers are luck’s darlings, and so Bushwick Daily made friends with a super-duper-awesome company that has an office in Bushwick and makes a platform called Setka. Setka makers are a collective of seriously genius UX designers, coders and media lovers and we are incredibly grateful that they took Bushwick Daily under their wing and helped us to take it to the next level. Seriously, guys, my heart is pouring oceans of love to them right now!

Before Setka, however, there were three amazing UX designers from General Assembly, Joscelyn Daguna, Drea Roberts and Maggie Brennan who took on Bushwick Daily redesign as their final course project. You probably remember their tireless interviews and surveys as they were working a Bushwick Daily web design that is both pretty and highly functional. Joscelyn, Drea and Maggie laid the foundation for what you see here today. Thank you, General Assembly!

Among new features on the website is also a public forum called Bushwick Talks. There you can discuss any topic you’d like with your neighbors, fellow online browsers and other Bushwick lovers. I hope you’ll like it and make a good use of it. We created a thread for you guys to give us any feedback on the new design or bug reports you find.

Now, let the new era of Bushwick Daily begin!