Summer’s As Close As Our Top 10 Shows In And Around Bushwick

Summer’s coming, and the music world is toying with our emotions. We’re all still reeling from the major loss of Prince and trying to survive the onslaught of “Lemonade” think pieces. Luckily a tornado of tours is also brewing, making us hopeful for a rad season of shows ahead. Here are the first shows of what will surely be a summer swarming with killer sets.

#10 On The Rise At LPR With Acid Dad, Ron Gallo// The Yin Yangs// Winstons @ Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker St, New York (THUR 7PM, $12)

“On The Rise At LPR” showcases emerging artists in the NYC area. Catch Brooklyn natives Acid Dad buzzing with their reverb-laced surf rock. Pro tip: chill in the freakishly giant chair next to the photo booth if you’re bored during show downtime.

#9 The Helio Sequence//  Honduras @ Baby’s All Right, 146 Broadway, Brooklyn  (FRI 8pm, $15)

Helio Sequence (emo, pop-punk) and Honduras (garage rock) are both punk derived, but they approach the genre differently, which makes for a cross-category mix of moshers in a venue which is a virtual pretty people magnet (which could factor into your post-show plans)!

#8 Corners, Future Punx// LODRO // What Nerve @ Palisades , 906 Broadway, Brooklyn (SAT 8PM, $10)

Rock out with your synth out *throws dollar in dad joke jar*. Corners and Future Punx  seem confusing at first but we’re 93 per cent sure they don’t care. The 80s synths, surfy riffs, and deep bass lines could accompany the scenes of an old school goth thriller. Their music is considered ‘post-wave,’ (new wave + post punk) and it’s kind of weird. Check ’em out.

#7 Latinx Punk Benefit Show: Namatay Sa Ingay// Disolados// Pink Mass And More @  The Gateway, 1272 Broadway, Brooklyn (SAT 10PM, $12)

Grime time. Props to The Gateway for cooking up a super solid, hardcore/crust punk lineup. Aside from it being a totally tight way to support underground musicians in the scene, it’s also Namatay Sa Ingay‘s tape release. The whole thing is bound to be a downbeat dream. Ten punk points to whoever can down their own personal tall can between sets.

#6-B Boys// Wall// Rips @ Union Pool,  484 Union Ave, Brooklyn (FRI 8PM, $10)

This lineup of New York natives all kill it in the garage rock scene. B Boys make great music reminiscent of  ’70s forefathers Gang Of Four, grrrl rockers WALL carry the Bikini Kill torch like true badasses, and Rips are playing new songs mixed by Parquet Courts’ Austin Brown.  Also, there are tacos. So how wrong can things really go?

#5 Bonobo DJ Set, Knickomedus, Kashaka @ Output, 74 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn (THUR 8PM, $25)

If you haven’t already, go hang with Bonobo at Output. The loud electronics and funhouse venue vibes are perfect. Bonobo’s intricate beats and sultry samples will have the even the most erudite music MFAs swaying.

#4 The Thermals// Summer Cannibals// Amanda X @ Market Hotel, 1140 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn (THUR 8PM, $15)

Early 2000s nostalgia? Yes, please. The melodious, the rebellious, the infamous Thermals are coming to Bushwick. Their politically charged, indie pop-punk is about to get intimate at Market Hotel. Prepare yourself for the passion of their superfans at this grimy yet endearing venue.

#3  Frankie Cosmos// Eskimeaux// Yowler @ Market Hotel, 1140 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, (SUN 8PM, $16)

Frankie Cosmos is an actual queen. Her sad girl, lo-fi indie music sounds as if it’s being broadcast directly from her teenage bedroom. And if her bedroom is anything like her music, it’s full of adorable teddy bears smiling through the pain of a recent breakup. All are welcome, but Mitski//Waxahatchee fans are encouraged.

#2 Celestial Shore // Beats 500 // Lip Talk @ Trans Pecos, 1140 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn (SUN 8PM, $10)

If it seems like surf rock guitars are everywhere in Brooklyn, it’s because they are. But no one is doing them quite as intricately or creatively as Celestial Shore.  It’s plain, not so simple, well written music performed by truly talented artists. Before they go on, slip out back to soak up the tea-light lit patio. It’s supposed to rain, but as you’re not the Wicked Witch of the West and you will not melt, live it up outdoors.

#1- No Joy// Creepers// Cruel Angels @ Saint Vitus (SAT 8PM – APR 11)

No Joy is a My Bloody Valentine + Best Coast kebab… if kebabs were a rad shoegaze band from LA. They’re playing Brooklyn’s cavernous Metal Mecca, Saint Vitus– a choice that for them is both bizarre and brutal. If Daria was real and going to a show this weekend, this would be it. (That is, if she couldn’t make it to a Sick, Sad, World screening).

There it is, Bushwick. Go get sweaty.

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