SPONSORED- Biking around the city can be an amazing experience. Not only do you save money, but commute time is cut down and you get some well-needed exercise. Unfortunately, these NYC streets can be harsh for bike theft. You need a damn good lock, but does it really have to be that heavy, bulky and expensive? Altor is changing the game, with a 560G ultralight high security bike lock, and we want all you cyclists out there to go to their Kickstarter page and back this awesome project!

Altor’s 560G is an ultralight high-security bike lock made from grade 5 titanium that’s beautiful and tough at the same time.

Weighing just 560 grams (or 1.23 lbs), the 560G is the lightest high-security lock ever.

Nothing comes close to the security of a 560G. This patent pending design is machined from one of the strongest alloys on the market, so it stands up to the toughest sustained attacks.

The 560G is compact- it will easily fold and clip to your belt or bag!

The 560G features a push button lock mechanism.  No more fussing with keys when you arrive, just push the button and you are off.

Two 560G’s can be linked together to easily extend your reach, or increase your security with two 560G’s paired together.

Make sure to back Altor’s Kickstarter campaign for the 560G, so we can see this awesome lock get made!