All images courtesy of David Toquica for The Rosemont

Remember Trash Bar? The divey-est of dive bars, the rock ‘n’ roll music venue in South Williamsburg with walls covered in stickers and lined with old car chair seats, and a bathroom that smelled unmistakably of piss? And remember mourning it when it closed last summer?

Well, Trash Bar owner Aaron Pierce recently opened a new bar and music venue, The Rosemont, a swanky jazz bar located on Montrose Ave in East Williamsburg. With $13 cocktails, leather booths, and framed photographers of the greats of the bygone golden age of jazz, it’s immediately evident upon walking into the new spot that Pierce’s taste has matured in the 15 years since he first opened Trash Bar.

While at first glance the place seems to be radically different from its predecessor, Pierce’s partner Frank Kwok tells Bushwick Daily that “it’s really not all that different if you know [Pierce].” Yes, they may have traded PBR and whiskey shots for barrel-aged bourbon and loud punk for smooth jazz, but at the end of the day it’s still a “space for music and artists” and a neighborhood gathering place for people to come together to enjoy live music.

The Rosemont’s soft opening took place at the end of March. The bar boasts a full signature cocktail menu, an eight hundred square foot back patio with plenty of seating, and a small stage in the back of the bar. There is also a kitchen, which will soon start serving up food (through the late hours of the evening!). Expect small plates, such as charcuterie and empanadas.

Other offerings at the Rosemont will include live music every Thursday-Sunday (the lineup of will always be available on their website), weekly film screenings, Thursday night open “jam sessions” after the scheduled performance, and art shows.

It’s musically and aesthetically nothing like the infamous Trash Bar, but it’s heart and soul is the same: a place for and by music and arts lovers.

The Rosemont is located at 63 Montrose Ave. Hours: Monday-Friday 5pm-4am, Saturday & Sunday 1pm-4am.