Film still courtesy of No Reason.

A local filmmaker who found herself continually confronting narrow casting parameters in mainstream entertainment industry productions is asking her community for support in launching a web series that tackles subjects that, more often than not, don’t make it into silver screen and small screen narratives.

Cassandra Hunter, the writer and producer of the nascent series “No Reason,” teamed up with co-creator and co-writer Richard Lietz to develop the series after finding herself frustrated by the limited options for roles for women of color. “After you get your fifth request to audition for the role of “Devoted Gangster’s Girlfriend”, you start to feel like something is up!”, Hunter, who describes herself as Black and Thai, states on the project’s Indiegogo page.

“No Reason,” which filmed its pilot on location in Bushwick, not only features a minority protagonist. It also presents plot lines involving the politics of interracial dating and the hardship that can be involved in either coming out as gay, or remaining in the closet. “This series is special to us because we’re creating opportunities for other independent actors and filmmakers that don’t fit into the common narrative. The experiences and issues we write about are either very real to me or people we know,” Hunter tells Bushwick Daily.

The campaign, which launched last Wednesday, has already raised nearly $1,000 of its $6,500 goal and offers perks that include screen credits on the production.

Check out the first episode below!

No Reason Ep. 1 – Will You Be My Beard? from No Reason the Series on Vimeo.