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In advance of the New York Democratic Primary on April 19, it’s with great joy that Bushwick Daily announces our support for Bernie Sanders as the Democratic Party’s nomination for President in 2016.

In an era of untold greed and corruption that permeates all levels of government, the economy, and the mainstream media, we feel it’s our duty as local independent media to state our support for the one candidate who, as President, will fight for the interests of all people living in Bushwick and New York City regardless of class, race, gender or sexual orientation.

Bernie is the only candidate who will restore government to its rightful place as a tool that helps its citizens, not takes from them in service of a wealthy few. We’re urging YOU, dear Bushwick Daily readers, to not only vote for Bernie on April 19, but to contribute to his campaign, volunteer and to be the political revolution that we so desperately need!

A Truly Progressive Democrat

With a progressive economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides health care for all, Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for all Bushwick residents. He sees the decline of our middle class and the growing gap between the very rich and everyone else, and is prepared to take on the enormous power of the billionaire class. These are the most important issues of our time, and how we answer them will determine the future of our country.

Momentum Is On Our Side

If you’ve tuned in to CNN, MSNBC or The NY Times this election season, you’ve undoubtedly encountered information that seeks to either deflect, underplay or ignore the exciting grassroots passion that Bernie’s campaign has inspired throughout America.

Here’s the sober reality of Bernie’s campaign: after a rough start through the South, Bernie has now won seven out of eight primaries in the West and Midwest and has closed the pledged delegate count to 1302-1088! With all the momentum on his side (Wyoming is poised to make it eight out of nine for him on Saturday), the attention has already turned to New York for a pivotal contest on April 19 where there will be 247 “yuge” delegates at stake and the very possible chance of Bernie winning the Empire State!


We’re Calling On YOU, Bushwick!

First, let us say it’s tremendous what so many Bushwick residents have done for Bernie already. From giant, student-debt eating Bernie art to punk rock fundraisers, the passion you’ve brought since Day 1 is tremendous.

Before you go to the polls, you’ll need to check your voter status and find your voting location. New York is a closed primary, so you have to be registered as a Democrat to vote for Bernie. If you’re not registered, don’t beat yourself up — there’s still plenty you can do. Consider making a small donation to Bernie’s campaign — $27 has been the average donation so far and a number which has become a rallying cry against the hundreds of millions being funneled into other candidates’ Super PACs.



Locally, you can join up with the Bushwick Berners, who do phone banking and neighborhood canvassing events on an almost daily basis. They will certainly need your help doing the important work of getting people to vote for Bernie as we get closer to April 19. We know that a few of you out here have the passion and drive to do the work! And mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 12 when they’ll be hosting BerninUpNYC, a huge Get Out The Vote dance party at Lot 45 with tons of special guests and goodies. So let’s all come together and collectively we will put Bernie over the top in New York on April 19!