Photo by Dennis Kyosuke Ginsig

It’s the way Bushwick rolls. You don’t have the tools necessary to make your art? You’ll find a way.

Not having a computer was not going to stop Prince Harvey, a Bushwick-based rapper from recording his new album Phatass… Even if it meant using GarageBand on a display computer in the Soho Apple Store. His album and the endeavor went in turn viral, earning him praise from hip hop mavens such as Talib Kweli or Russell Simmons.

A couple of months back, Prince Harvey moved into his friend’s apartment not knowing that his friend, in fact, owed the landlord a lot of money. Within three days the locks were changed and all of his stuff, including his music equipment, was seized.

“I hear a lot of artists use excuses about why they’re not successful, and I can’t really listen to that, ” Prince said. And so despite the odds, he spent the next four months at Apple store working on his album in secret. He would go every weekday for four or five hours. There were no chairs so he had to stand. He would wear only generic clothes in order not to drive too much attention. He said that the Apple employees were cool with him being there using their computer, in fact he ended up giving the customers some tips on using GarageBand.

We had the chance to sit down with this extremely busy and humble guy. From humor to wit he has it all to become not just the Prince of Bushwick, but to rise all the way to the top of the charts.

Jessi Aylward: First things first–boxers or briefs?

Prince Harvey: Boxer briefs as a life philosophy; briefs as a non-commando.

Why the Apple store?

Prince Harvey: Apple’s cool.

JA: Have your friends been supportive?

PH: They wouldn’t be my friends if they weren’t. Long live 59 Jefferson St #302, we did it best.

JA: Whose your biggest inspiration?

PH: My mom, Dylan, Da Vinci, Frida, Coen Brothers, Mapplethorpe, Dev Hynes.

Photo by Dennis Kyosuke Ginsig

JA: If you could have anyone in the world (dead or alive) see you perform or listen to this album who would it be and why?

PH: To experience myself LIVE would be the ultimate gift.

JA: What’s next?

PH: Everything.

JA: What did the Apple Employees think of you?

PH: I’m a really posi person, I only see the love to be honest.

JA: Any side eyes or did anyone catch on?

PH: Sometimes.

JA: How long did it take you to record the whole thing?

PH: 4 months

JA: Who would your ultimate collab song be with?

PH: Kanye, Dev Hynes, Azealia, Talib, Fetty, Petty, Dylan, Marley.

JA: Where can people learn more and follow you for upcoming news?

PH: follow me @princeharveynyc, and come to the release event is gonna be epic #ComeCleanLeaveDirty #phatass

For more information head to or like him on Facebook. The album drops on July 27.