The Coven, issue 4 (all images by courtesy of Witches of Bushwick)

While many creative initiatives emerge out of Bushwick, few are so awesome and prolific like Witches of Bushwick, a collective of artists and a creative agency founded by Christine Tran and Anne Alexander. Not only they produce events in Brooklyn and in Sydney; run an artist residency program at Mana Contemporary, since 2013 they’ve been publishing their own print bi-annual magazine titled The Coven Mag.

The magazine is presented as “a showcase of creatives and artists, offering insight to the individuals themselves. Each issue spotlights 13 features, alongside contributing photography, art and writing which constructs the dynamic framework of our cultural movement.”

The fourth issue of The Coven is about to drop in June, and so we took the opportunity to talk to Christine Tran about the magazine and the collective’s busy whereabouts.

Witches of Bushwick

1. Witches, you’re awesome and have so much going on. You Mana residency and Coven Magazine issue 4 already! How does the magazine fall within the larger scheme of Witches of Bushwick activities? Can you tell us also a bit more about the magazine and its function?

The ethos of WITCHES from the beginning was to find ways to bring our creative community together. By creating different mediums and platforms for our artists to collaborate and create within we’re able to engage with our communities. The magazine functions in the same way as an intermedia platform highlighting 13 featured creatives, as well as contributing writers, artists and photographers—supported by local businesses and individuals.

2. How many copies of Coven do you make and where can we get one?

We only print 100 🙂 Issue No. 4 will be available in NYC at Spoonbill Books (BK), McNally Jackson (Soho), and Molasses Books (BK) and online. The digital edition is also available online via ISSUU.

3. What was the reception of Coven among artists featured and generally in Bushwick so far?

An incredibly supportive Bushwick community allows this publication to exist. Our publication is supported by local businesses and individuals. Everyone who is involved with making the publication is local—whether the graphic designer, feature photographers, stylists. It’s an energy we put into this project that’s meaningful.

4. Has the definition of Witches of Bushwick changed since your beginning now that you’ve added new forms of expression such as the magazine?

WITCHES started out as a one-off party at Tandem Bar. It was a safe-space to bring our friends together. It’s evolved into a creative safe-space. Whether it’s having an artist incubator like the WITCHES Artists Residency to support and showcase artists, or collaborating with Stream Gallery with exhibitions, or having a magazine to highlight creators—it’s our way of supporting and encouraging our talented community.

5. Lastly, how do you find time and energy to curate all the shows, parties AND to make a magazine?

Constantly surrounding myself with talented individuals is addicting and continually inspiring.

Witches of Bushwick