We just posted the latest news on Bushwick’s favorite gallery hop and late night event – Beat Nite – which will include highlights from some of this week’s featured art openings.  The 12th edition of Beat Nite is just around the corner (Friday, March 6th!) with a specially curated line-up of ten Bushwick and Ridgewood art spaces that will stay open late for the Beat Nite crawlers. Get a head start with a few of the Beat Nite picks by checking out their openings this weekend!

#1 “Back to the Future, Part II” @ Life on Mars Gallery (FRI 6-9 pm)

56 Bogart Street

Amy Sillman “Williamsburg Portraits” (Image courtesy of Life on Mars Gallery)

“Back to the Future” returns with Part II, opening this Friday evening at Life on Mars Gallery (LOM). The exhibition will focus on painters who worked in Williamsburg in the early 1980’s, many of whom were friends and all shared an uncompromising love of painting and kept a strong embrace on its history. According to LOM director Michael David,

These painters all had different career trajectories, but their work has constantly developed and continues to evolve, even during decades when painting was not considered relevant in many art-world circles.”

#2 “Generative Processes” Alex Paik & Debra Ramsay @ TSA New York (FRI 6-9 pm)

1329 Willoughby Avenue #2A

“Generative Processes” opens at TSA New York this Friday (Image courtesy of the gallery)

Beat Nite pick:  In “Generative Processes” we get to see Alex Paik, the director of TSA New York, in an intimate and humble exchange with artist Debra Ramsay. With contrasting color processes these two artists will share the manifestation of their practices as they combine the abstract and cerebral with grace and humor. For one, geometry reigns among changing color palettes, while the other literally takes a different trail – collecting colors every hundred steps via photographs resulting in a palette of 72 distinct colors – both anchored in a deep sense of time and change.

#3 James Fotopoulos “The Given” @ Microscope Gallery (FRI 6-9 pm)

1329 Willoughby Avenue, #2B

James Fotopoulos, “Untitled” (Image courtesy of the artist and Microscope Gallery)

Beat Nite pick:  In James Fotopoulos’s latest experimental video work he reflects on the nature of acting, recalled memory and the lived experience. Starring actress Sophie Traub, “The Given” will be projected into Microscope’s gallery space with rows of seats so audience members can stay a while and take in the 75-minute piece. Accompanied by drawings, movie posters and digital prints, this will be an all-immersive experience of Fotopoulos’s collection of intense dreams and memories that mix art, abuse and themes of sexuality.

#4 “6 x 6” @ Transmitter (FRI 6-9 pm)

1329 Willoughby Ave. #2A

Jeff Feld’s “The Intention is pure and so on” (Image courtesy of Transmitter)

After catching the openings at TSA New York and Microscope (1329 Willoughby Ave. 1st floor) head next door to newcomer gallery Transmitter to see the results of their “curatorial telephone.” Find out how each artist was chosen for “6 x 6” from exclusive peeks behind artist studio doors to the subject matter of ice packs and saltshakers, fake fingernails and rubber bands; a nod to the ancient Roman practice of scagliola and a look back through the echo of pre-historic time. With their eccentric curatorial process, Transmitter’s artists are set to elevate this week’s art openings to a surprise level!

#5 “Loominosity” @ OUTLET (FRI 7-10 pm)

253 Wilson Ave.

Beat Nite pick:  Don’t get this show confused with the Shops at the Loom – instead, weave your way among silk, wool, cotton threads and glass beads for OUTLET’s upcoming “Loominosity” show. Featuring six artists who get creative with the loom tool, the works reveal their engagement with traditional textile artists who first mixed formal design with a craftier set of materials. In “Loominosity” the artists carry out this relationship, in one way through Robin Kang’s combination of Photoshop brush tools with symbols from Pre-Columbian weaving traditions, and in Amanda Hu’s ocean landscapes and seascape horizons.