The Björk-in-Bushwick Obsession Continues: She Was at Dun-Well But Didn’t Get a Donut

Bjork (image courtesy of NME)

To put it simply, we think that Björk is the coolest person to walk the Earth right now, and so to spot her on multiple occasions in our little corner of New York is simply delightful.

The goddess whose Wikipedia page reads like the most unbelievable novel of successes and triumphs has been spotted two days ago yet again in East Williamsburg. In early February, Björk went to a music show at The Wick and was spotted in a nearby bar, Tradesman buying drinks for her crew. ‘Cause obviously Björk is such a cool boss to have.

Two days ago, Björk walked into Dun-Well Donuts on 222 Montrose Ave  and ordered a latte, told us one of the owners, Dan Dunbar. “She was just sitting with her friend, drinking lattes, and talking about her MoMA exhibit, I think,” told us Dan. “She’s cool and quiet. She says “hello” and “thank you” exactly the way you’d imagine she would,” he concluded. 

It does not seem that the queen of her own fantastical galaxy got a vegan donut while at Dun-Well, which however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get one or five for that matter. Just take a look how at beautiful they are, and they taste just as good!

Image via Dun-Well Facebook page

Our latest write up about Björk in Bushwick caused a lot of commotion among our readers on social media, and many of you recalled seeing Björk in Bushwick on multiple occasions. It turns out that Björk is no newbie to Bushwick at all. In fact it seems that Björk straight up loves Bushwick.

“I saw Björk do a DJ set almost 5 years ago in Bushwick on the top of an auto garage,” commented Rob Behnke.

Local artist Abel Macias said he saw her dancing at The Spectrum last summer.

Stephen Paul Trimboli, a former owner of Goodbye Blue Monday wrote: “Just for the record – she was at Goodbye Blue Monday for shows more than three years ago.” Of course she was! Damn!

Additionally, Stephen Paul Trimboli, whose memory we’d like to watch like a cool movie about New York music scene, told us that the first bar he saw Björk in was Scrap Bar (a classy dive bar at 116 MacDougal St., which closed in 2012), after her Sugarcubes show at the Ritz, which was their first performance in the US back in 1988. 

Joan Butcher Farkas added: “I remember that day at Scrap Bar we were joking about the band from Sugarland called the Icecubes.” 

“….and the lead guitarist got really, really, really, really, really, really drunk!” Stephen concluded this trip down the Björk memory lane.

In any case, if you run into Björk one of these days in Bushwick or East Williamsburg, just try to act normal. Don’t stare. You don’t want to make her think that we’re not a neighborhood used to seeing luminaires of world’s music and art on the reg (which, I mean, we sort of are…). She is a Brooklyn resident after all. (She lives in a penthouse in Brooklyn Heights where she spends her time while not touring or in Reykjavík.)

In the mean time, catch up on her new album Vulnicura, plan on attending her MoMA retrospect and read this great recent interview of hers.

Additional reporting by Yaz Rosete.

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