At Bushwick DIY Music Venue Palisades: Get Intimate, Frisky and Rock Hard

The Humble Palisades Exterior at 906 Broadway

In a neighborhood whose nightlife scene is almost aestheticized to the point where a boob-themed bar feels totally white bread, it was a thrill to spend time in a bare bones straight up all-about-the-music hard rock venue that feels at once both casual and charged with a music lovers energy. If you are looking for some dope new tunes to keep you warm this winter, I strongly recommend that you check out Palisades at least once. Cover charges vary from $5-14.

Created in a hundred-plus year old space formerly used as a meat smokehouse by partners Rose Fathers, Ariel Bitran and Leeor Waisbrod, Palisades is void of any decorative moose heads, candelabras or a pastiche of old-timey tintype photographs. Instead, they have focused on decorating their space with a diverse lineup of indie, folk, hard rock, punk and electronic musicians- including Code Orange Kids, Shannon and The Clams and Profligate.

The Jamaican Queens Live at Palisades- Henry Miller

The bar in the back is one of the most endearingly humble presentations I have ever come across in Bushwick, with all of the booze adorably stacked on top of a Kwik-E-Mart fridge. No taps, not even a soda gun, but you can enjoy a Genesee and a shot of house whiskey or tequila for six bucks while staring out the window at the same sidewalk that Popeye chased a suspect down while dressed as Santa. What else would you want?

The acoustics are solid, making it the kind of place where you can enjoy the band from the front or back of the house without ever feeling like you are missing something. And it’s cozy: if you showed up with twenty friends on the right night, you would feel like you own the place. Mosh pit or no, you will probably get intimate with your fellow rockers.

Since they opened last April, the co-owners are starting to book a stronger catalogue that includes local bands as well as touring acts. I had my first encounter with the Jamaican Queens on Thursday, and I will be going back based on the quality of that spectacular show alone.

It looks like their next big show will be on the 19th. It will be a medley of genres including performances by Orden Mundial, Crazy Spirit, Puce Mary and Survival starting at 8:00, and a second show featuring Vereker, Masahiro Ueda, Poor Sport, Slam Skillet and Snacs at 11:55. Cover charge: $10.00.


Palisades is located at 906 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 110206.

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